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Beauty Master Championship ASIA 2024



Beauty Master Championship ASIA 2024 Celebrates Success


Singapore - March 01, 2024 - Beauty Asia 2024 witnessed a spectacular event as the Beauty Master Championship ASIA 2024 took centre stage at Marina Bay Sands on February 26th, 2024. Organised by Nationwide Association for International Licenses and Skills (Beauty Wellness Singapore) [N.A.I.L.S], the competition showcased exceptional talent and innovation in the beauty industry across various categories including nails, eyelash extensions, and semi-permanent makeup.


With three distinct types of awards - the Asian Master Pro Award, PRISM Challenge Award, and Best of Best Pro Award, the competition aimed to recognize and celebrate individuals at different stages of their careers in the beauty services industry.


Contestants representing a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences converged at the competition, showcasing their skills and creativity on a vibrant stage. Hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia, participants brought a rich tapestry of talent to the event. Among them were seasoned professionals with years of industry expertise, freelancers who thrive on independence, students eager to apply their learning, and fresh graduates from beauty schools. This eclectic mix of individuals added depth and dynamism to the competition, embodying the multifaceted nature of the beauty industry.


A distinguished panel of judges comprising experts from Singapore, USA, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Vietnam, both onsite and offsite, meticulously evaluated over 100 competitions encompassing onsite and submission formats across various beauty services sectors.


The event received generous support from sponsors representing leading product brands dedicated to fostering the growth of the industry. Additionally, overseas and local associations and training centres extended their support, contributing to the success of the championship.


"We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of the Beauty Master Championship ASIA 2024, which marks another significant stride in the advancement of the beauty services sector," stated the organizers.“Taking part in the PRISM Challenge Award and the Best of Best Pro Award had allowed me to regain my motivation to push forward (as a nail technician). Looking forward to the next competition!” shared a competitor who competed in 2023 and 2024 editions of the championship.


“I have become much more confident and proud of my work!” quipped a first time contestant.“Thank you for this platform! It was a great opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and grow,” stated two-time consecutive Grand Champion winner.


As the curtains draw on this remarkable event, anticipation builds for Beauty Masters Championship ASIA 2025, slated for February 2025, promising yet another exciting chapter in the journey of beauty innovation and excellence.


For further information and media inquiries, please contact:


Nationwide Association for International Licenses and Skills (Beauty Wellness Singapore) 101 Upper Cross Street ,

#07-08A People’s Park Centre,

Singapore 058357


Whatsapp: +65 9659 2803


About Nationwide Association for International Licenses and Skills (Beauty Wellness Singapore)

The Nationwide Association for International Licenses and Skills (Beauty Wellness Singapore) (N.A.I.L.S) is a leading organization committed to raising the professionalism and skill level of nailists and beauty services professionals in Singapore and beyond. Through education, certification, and industry initiatives, N.A.I.L.S aims to uphold international standards, promote excellence, and foster growth within the beauty services sector.

About Beauty Master Championship ASIA

Beauty Master Championship ASIA is a premier platform dedicated to showcasing and celebrating talent, creativity, and innovation in the beauty services industry across Asia. Through competitions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, it serves as a catalyst for the advancement and growth of beauty professionals and businesses alike.






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