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Our Associations take part in many activities to create opportunities for our members to take part. It is an eye-opening experience for our members. Over the years, N.A.I.L.S built a relationship with associates in different countries. This has allowed our members to take part in different nail activities.

  • Exhibition Activities
    Promotion of products in Nail Expos

  • Competition
    Encourage every individuals in the beauty services industry to challenge themselves

  • Charity Events
    Use our skills to give back to society

Past Events

Events in SG

2022 - N.A.I.L.S Beauty Masters Championship ASIA 2022 is the exciting post-Covid19 Nails & Beauty Event in Asia. This intercultural festival is of a world scale, with huge number of challenges & activities for all experts, professionals, therapists and more, to come together and form a single beauty-art platform of the future.  Come Join Us!!


Competition Categories:

Nails/ Nailart

Eyelash Extensions

Semi-permanent Makeup

Make Up/ Total Look

sg50 nails festival (5).jpg

Held in Singapore in 2015, in conjunction with Singapore’s big 50th birthday. Members of JNA was invited as a VIP of the event as there were celebrating their 30th Anniversary the same year.

The event had various activities including the PinkRoom Cup Nail Competition, Japanese trend Nail art demonstration by Ms Eriko Kurosaki & Ms Rachel Tang.


2019 - NAILS was invited to take part in the Asian Nails Festival held in Osaka, Japan. This was an opportunity for our team to share about the nail industry in Singapore.

Interntional Events

Competition Participations

N.A.I.L.S support the competition scene locally and internationally by participating as Judges and contestants. 


N.A.I.L.S Founder, Ms Rachel Tang, sits on the judging panel for international competitions and has vast experience judging all over the world, putting Singapore onto the world map in the nails & beauty industry.

Competitions propels each contestant to step out of their comfort zones, to achieve greater heights in their career. 


Actively take part in events held in Japan, such as Judging at Nail Competitions, bringing nailists to Japan.


2013 Judging
2014 Judging
2014 Exhibition in Tokyo Nail Expo
2015 Take Part in Competition
2015 Judging
2016 Exhibition in Tokyo Nail Expo
2016 Judging


Singapore Nailist had taken part in nail competitions held in St Petersburg, and won various times.


2013 Judging
2015 Judging
2016 Judging
2016 Winning in Competition
2017 Judging
2017 Winning in Competition


Our Chairman had been invited to give talks to share about the nail industry.

2011 Judging
2011 Winning in Competition
2012 Judging
2012 Winning in Competition
2013 Guest Talk


Yearly, our Chairman Rachel brings nailists to take part in Nail Competitions. She had judged various competitions in Korea.

2006 Judging
2007 Judging
2008 Judging
2009 Winning in Competition
2009 Judging
2011 Winning in Competition
2011 Judging
2013 Winning in Competition
2013 Judging
Yearly till 2023

  • United States of America

  • Malaysia

  • Italy

  • Ukraine

  • Hong Kong

  • Taiwan

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