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The N.A.I.L.S Skills License Accreditation System (NSLAS) is an extension of the N.A.I.L.S Skills Framework for Beauty Wellness Services (NSF: BWS). The framework denotes the different job roles in the beauty services industry, including the technical skills and competencies (TSCs), job titles, recommended salaries etc.

Our Skills Framework for Beauty Wellness Services is developed with the expertise of the N.A.I.L.S skills committee panel which consists of experts, association partners, training providers, and service providers locally and internationally, which includes countries such as the USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.


It is also in reference to the industry-led framework, Beauty Services Competency Framework (BSCF) developed by BSA, supported by Enterprise Singapore and SkillsFuture Singapore, which provides key information on sector and employment opportunities, skills and competencies for job roles and career pathways. Continuously refined through annual reviews by the esteemed skills committee panel, the framework ensures ongoing relevance and alignment with industry standards.

Our Skills License Accreditation System comprises the training outline and curriculum targeting different tiers of training providers on board this program. The training curriculum serves as a guideline for the training partners to prepare the trainees for each level of the accreditation assessment, and to be ready for the job role. While training is optional to sit for the accreditation assessment, it is highly encouraged to ensure the competency of the trainees.

The system serves as a benchmark to increase the skills standards and quality of services and is targeted at the whole eco-system of the beauty services industry, including professionals who might be working in salons but have no prior professional training or certifications, salon owners, fresh graduates and students from beauty courses, freelancers. Training providers are on board to support the training towards the accreditation assessment and service providers on board to employ the license holders.

Professionals to be aware of their skill levels and progressions in their careers. Employers provide fair wages based on the employee’s skill levels. And for consumers to make informed choices and have expectations of the quality of the beauty services they are engaging. 

The N.A.I.L.S Skills License Accreditation System also encompasses a Scholarship Program where Licence holder can find employment at partnered salons as a stepping stone for their career.


Why is the N.A.I.L.S Skills License system in place?

  • To upgrade the technical skills and standards of the beauty industry

  • To upskill existing professionals

  • To improve service and hygiene standards in the industry

  • To encourage the use of safe products

  • To encourage fair practices, pay, and job roles in beauty salons​

Benefits of License Holders

Why should you attain the N.A.I.L.S Skills License? 

  • Recognition of skills and standards

  • Enhanced job opportunities

  • Upgrading and uplifting your skills

  • Elevated industry status

  • Portfolio growth

  • Confidence and expanded customer base

The N.A.I.L.S Skills License Accreditation System not only offers tangible benefits such as increased job prospects and industry recognition but also provides a structured pathway for continuous professional development, fostering a culture of excellence within the beauty profession.

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