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About the N.A.I.L.S License System

The N.A.I.L.S License System is an extension of the N.A.I.L.S’s Beauty Services Technical Competency Framework, where professionals undergo assessments to grade their skills competency. The License System is mapped to our Association’s Framework. License Examinees undergo theoretical assessment, practical assessment, and an interview to test them on their communication skills.

The N.A.I.L.S License System also encompasses a Scholarship Program where Licence holder can find employment at partnered salons as a stepping stone for their career.


To uplift the beauty salons & professionals

  • To upgrade the technical skills and standards of the beauty industry

  • To upskill existing professionals

  • To improve service and hygiene standards in the industry

  • To encourage the use of safe products

  • To encourage fair practices, pay, and job roles in beauty salons​

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