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Skills Licencing Training Providers (SLTP)

What is Skills Licensing Training Provider (SLTP)?

N.A.I.L.S authorize selected Training Providers to conduct training that leads up to the N.A.I.L.S Licencing Assessments.  

Criteria for Skills Licensing Training Provider (SLTP).

Each SLTP is carefully selected to ensure that they provide high-quality skills training toward upholding the high standards required by our Association.

Roles of a Skills Licensing Training Provider (SLTP).

Each SLTP provides training to prepare each examinee to sit for the assessments. SLTP would provide the utmost support to each examinee, including conducting the Pre-Exam Seminar/Course.

List of SLTP


Local and Overseas Training Providers who are interested to be on board are welcomed to email us at for more information.

Become a SLTP


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