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About N.A.I.L.S

Nationwide Association for International Licenses and Skills (Beauty Wellness Singapore) (N.A.I.L.S) aims to rising the professionalism and skill level of all nailists & beauty services professionals in Singapore and around the world through a common licensing certification.

We create and maintain a system of training and certification in the nail & beauty industry in accordance with international standards.

We develop a common protocol of service standards in the nail industry with reference to the international standard through proper education and licensing.

We promote the local nail & beauty services industry through industrial cultural exchanges with overseas Associations.

We improve skill standards in the local beauty services industry by organizing and promoting activities, such as accreditation assessments and competitions locally and overseas.


[N.A.I.L.S] provides a licensing certification system for professionals in the nails & beauty industry. This system is used by N.A.I.L.S NETWORK of SALONS in Singapore as a basis for each professional's skill level, job scope & future development potential.

[N.A.I.L.S] believes each country's licensing certification system should be unique to the country's culture and industry needs; It is also our belief that each licensing system should also be relevant on an international level too. As more & more professionalsmoved from country to country to work or develop their skills, an international license allows for a wider common standard of skills & techniques. Thus, we also work toward enabling each license to be relevant on an international platform level.

[N.A.I.L.S] also works toward building a bridge among Associations from various countries to achieve an understanding of each individual's technical differences to build a common international platform for all professionals all over the world. Exchange seminars are regularly conducted in various countries.

[N.A.I.L.S] is an advocate for the organization & participation of international beauty services competitions of the highest standards. We strive to only collaborate with competitions that value fairness, and impartial judging and promote the exchange of techniques all over the world. Competitions with unfair judging or the promotion of personal product company brands are frowned upon.

[N.A.I.L.S] aims to empower all educational centres to work together for the total improvement of beauty services standards in Singapore.


Our Mission is to establish a safe and professional services at nail & beauty services salons in Singapore. The Association is created with the Beauty Services landscape in mind, to establish a national standard of beauty services; which includes all aspects of a professional service - customer service, technical skills & knowledge, hygiene practices, salon management, health welfare.

Singapore, being a hub, would serve as a central location for experts to gather to exchange expertise, and technicians to gather to upgrade their skills; & to take part in different licenses & techniques through our body.


Our promise is to continue to increase the level of nail & beauty services education through activities organised by our Association. Being a beauty services professional is no longer a low-level skill worker; through our actions, we upgrade them to become Artists, a Profession.

  • Ease for all individuals in the Beauty Services sector in Singapore to upgrade and improve through activities organised by our Association

  • Uphold & ensure the standard of beauty services in Singapore

  • Foster good relations between all members

  • Build bondage with international members

  • Continuous upgrading of beauty services systems

  • Increase health hazard awareness by toxic beauty products

  • Constant learning and improving to bring upgrade the beauty services

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A pioneer veteran in the local nail industry, the nail academy she founded in 2003, had been the powerhouse in generating professionalism to each nail artist. Through her strict disciplined education program, her graduates had raised the bar in the area of sanitation disinfection in the local nail salons; there is also a raise in the number of nail salons and home salons since 2003; *80% of the registered nail artist on a famous beauty service app are made up of graduates from her school. Her efforts in the education scene had greatly transformed the Singapore nail industry throughout the years.

Rachel also sits on various Judging Boards in Singapore and from all around the world. The most current, being the Nail Industry Expert for THE WORLD SKILLS SINGAPORE 2018, a national competition in Singapore, whose team would also compete in THE WORLD SKILLS ABU DHABI 2017. She is a renowned International Nail Judge since 2005, and had been invited as a prestigious judge in major international nail competitions in Singapore and around the world, including London, Russia, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Korea, Ukraine and Hong Kong and many more.

Rachel has under her belt the Level 1 Nailist License from Japan Nailist Association, a very high recognized level of skill certification for Nailist in Japan. She is also a Certified Educator for numerous nail license systems and associations around the world. She had also coached and mentored many award-winning International nailists.

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Mr. Chua Koon Beng (蔡坤明) (‘‘Mr. KB Chua’’), is an Executive Director, chief executive officer and one of the Controlling Shareholders of Wonderscape Holdings Limited (the "Group") since 2003. Mr. KB Chua has over 15 years of experience in the intimate care industry. Mr. KB Chua is responsible for the overall strategic planning, management and operation of our Group. He is also responsible for our Group’s business development, including the negotiations and management of our Group’s franchising and licensing business model. In addition, Mr. KB Chua oversees our Group’s finance, human resources, information technology, real estate and fit out functions.


Aside from our Group’s business, Mr. KB Chua is also a director of Spa Esprit Group, which operates food and beverage and beauty brands in Singapore. Mr. KB Chua is mainly involved in the overall management of Spa Esprit Group SG’s food and beverage brands and is responsible for their strategic development. Mr. KB Chua was previously a technopreneur during the dotcom era in the late 90s, where he founded Earth9.Com Pte. Ltd., which is an interactive marketing agency company, before joining our Group in 2003.


Mr. KB Chua obtained a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore in July 1998.


In the heart of Asia lies Singapore - a bustling, world-class city-state that has made waves around the world for its business excellence, connectivity to the world and its innovation.

Singapore has been consistently acknowledged as a global business hub - one that features developed infrastructure, political stability, open business policies, a skilled workforce, the use of English as the main working language and respect for intellectual property rights. Many multinational companies have chosen to set up their bases in Singapore, next to 187,700 small and medium enterprises. Business owners all over the world regard Singapore as an ideal location to grow their businesses, with many of them using the country as a springboard to tap into other emerging markets in Asia.

Area: 716.1 sq km
Climate: Tropical. Average maximum of 31 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 23 degrees Celsius
Language: English, Mandarin

Literacy: 96.5% of those 15 years old and above
Internet: 172.2% household broadband penetration rate
Mobile Phone: 156% penetration rate in 2013


Featured in various media publications.

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