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N.A.I.L.S Beauty Services Technical Competency Framework

What is the ​N.A.I.L.S Beauty Services Technical Competency Framework?

The Framework denotes different Job roles in the Personal Care Service industry. It provides a clear career pathway for each professional.

Why is the N.A.I.L.S Framework important?
  • Allow enterprises to easier to recognise the professional level during job interviews.

  • Allow professionals to know their level, and recommended job scopes, salary, career progressions.

  • Allow training centres to develop their training systems targeted at different job positions.

Local Industry Relevancy

Since 2019, our Association had been working on the N.A.I.L.S Licence System.

The N.A.I.L.S framework, accreditation, and assessment systems are reviewed extensively to ensure relevancy to the international industry’s requirements. And to ensure that the local standards are on par with the international standards.



  1. Local beauty services framework.

  2. Local nails & beauty salons.

  3. International associations.

  4. School’s training outcome.



  1. Local nails & beauty salons.

  2. Local & international schools & training centres.

  3. External subject experts in nails/beauty industry.

  4. N.A.I.L.S International subject expert panel.

The System will be reviewed every 2 years to ensure that it is current and updated to the industrial needs.

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