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N.A.I.L.S Beauty Masters Championship 2022: A Resounding Success

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Singapore, 18 November 2022The N.A.I.L.S Beauty Masters Championship ASIA 2022 organised by Nailist Association for International Licenses (Singapore) (N.A.I.L.S), held on the occasion of Cosmoprof Asia 2022, Singapore Special Edition has come to a successful end.

Over 150 local and overseas nailists and beauty therapist professionals demonstrated their creativity and skills in Nail art, Eyelash, SPMU and Total Look competition categories. This is the biggest nail/beauty international competition in Asia post COVID-19.

With 19 Onsite competitions & Boxed submission competitions in Nails, Eyelash, SPMU, Total Look categories, 33 top prizes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd placing were given out to the contestants at the Award Ceremony. The top prize was the Grand Champion award, which was presented to the contestant with the highest score combination for one onsite competition and one boxed submission competition.

Overseas Nails/beauty Associations from Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand showed their support for N.A.I.L.S with their presence and videos at the Opening Ceremony, to share their well-wishes for N.A.I.L.S Founder Rachel Tang, N.A.I.L.S and encouragement for all contestants.

Enterprises and brands from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia showcased the latest trends, products and technology on-stage. Throughout the day, nail art live demonstrations, talks, and video display were continuously happening on stage. We are excited for our brand to be displayed at such a wonderful platform! For this day, all the attention was on this event. And we are so proud to be part of this event”, said one of the brand & prizes sponsor.

The Competition Judge Panel sits experts & prestigious judges from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, USA, Russia and Italy; bringing the competition judging criterial to a high international standard. Founder of N.A.I.L.S, Ms Rachel Tang, took on the important role as Head Judge, overseeing the judging system, and ensuring a fair, unbiased judging.

Ms Rachel Tang introduced the PRISM CHALLENGE AWARD. This award was curated to encourage everyone to experience a competition at least once in their career. Like the concept of a Prism, after going through the prism (which significant all the challenges, experiences etc), everyone transform from a white light, to find their unique rainbow colored talents and skills! All participants of this group will receive award/prizes. There is no winner placing for this group.

The competition contestants competed in the Amateur and Professional divisions. There was a vast participation internationally, with contestants from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, and Mexico.

Training institutions – Institute of Technical Education (ITE), The Pink Room International Nail Academy, IBH Beauty Academy, Sub International Beauty School and PRINA Institute saw this platform as an opportunity for their students to upskill and brought school teams to participate in the competition.

Testimonials The competition brought positive light and energy to the industry. It brought the skills and standards of the professionals to a new level.

“This is a timely platform that pushed me to work harder and smarter. I have never thought I could complete (nail) extensions on one hand in 45 minutes! And as I repeatedly explore my favourite style of art, I find myself being able to add more details within the same time frame and achieved an intricate design that won the first prize and a special award!” said Ms See, Grand Champion Award Winner.

“If anything, this competition journey taught me to have courage, give my best effort in everything I do and persevere. I’m truly blessed and thankful for this experience as it has given me more confidence in my work and the realisation that I have the potential to go further. Really looking forward to what lies ahead,” said Ms Goh, 2nd place winner of Best Salon Gel Art (Freestyle) onsite competition.

“Being the pioneer in the nail industry, I'm happy that our ecosystem grew so much in the past 20+ years. From a sparse land with barely any nail salon 20 years ago, we now have salons and home salons in every estate. My lifetime of work in building the industry in my own ways, created a platform for thousands of nailists/technicians to convert their passion to a reputable job role. This is not an automation, but with efforts of those working alongside with me,” said Ms Rachel Tang, Founder of N.A.I.L.S.

The success of the N.A.I.L.S Beauty Masters Championship 2022 signifies a promising future for the beauty industry. With

each edition, the event continues to inspire growth, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence. It stands as a beacon for aspiring beauty professionals, showcasing the limitless possibilities within the realm of beauty and aesthetics.

In retrospect, the N.A.I.L.S Beauty Masters Championship 2022 will be remembered as a milestone event that brought together the best in the industry, fostering a sense of camaraderie and setting new standards for the beauty landscape. As the curtains close on this successful chapter, anticipation builds for the continued evolution of beauty mastery in the years to come.

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