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MOS Low at BSCF Official Launch

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Reposted from MOS Low, GOH at the recent BSCF Official Launch. Thank you for gracing the event. 💐

Happy to attend the launch event of Beauty Services Alliance (BSA) and to witness the unveiling of the Beauty Services Competency Framework (BSCF). The BSA comprises five trade associations which have joined hands to uplift Singapore’s beauty services industry.

Although COVID-19 has led to many challenges for the beauty services industry, there remains strong local demand as people still want to look good and feel great. While the industry is mainly high-touch and inter-personal, its commitment in ensuring safe management measures will enable customers to feel confident and assured when engaging local establishments for spa and beauty services.

The BSCF will help set the foundation and structure for businesses and employees within the sector to upskill, re-skill and stay relevant amid COVID-19. Through these initiatives, Singaporeans can look forward to potential job opportunities and a future-ready workforce. This was reflected in the sharing by some beauty practitioners at the launch event who said that the BSCF has provided the opportunity for them to sharpen their technical skills and provide a roadmap for their development.

I commend the BSA for their tenacity and commitment to raise industry standards. I am confident it will continue to keep pace with rapid changes and provide strong support to our companies that are looking to grow.

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