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Leading the framework for Beauty Services industry

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Working alongside professionals in the Spa & Wellness, Hair, Make Up, Beauty Aesthetics industry. The beauty industry is big, and expanding, and I’m honoured to be leading its growth. This Framework gives recognition to #Nails as a standalone pillar. 20 years ago, the nail industry in Singapore was barren… that was barely any nail salons, nail services were confined to a little small corner in a beauty salon. Services provided were only plain nail polish colors. Today, with education and exposure through the activities by the association, the industry has grown so much! We’ve put Singapore onto the judging panels of international nail competitions in Japan, Russia, USA, Ukraine, and more! Nail Technicians had also taken place, and won top prices in various international competitions. Nail services had transformed from basic polishing 20 years ago, to today where our nails professionals are able to give consultations, advices and recommendations. Let’s continue to expand the nail industry to be stronger than what it is now.

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