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Asia Nails Festival 2016 Osaka

In a proud moment for the nail industry, N.A.I.L.S Founder Ms Rachel Tang, was invited to lend her expertise as a judge at the prestigious Asia Nails Festival 2016 in Osaka. This remarkable recognition speaks volumes about Ms Rachel's influence and the global impact of N.A.I.L.S in the ever-evolving world of nail art.

Ms Rachel's invitation to judge at the Asia Nails Festival in Osaka served as a testament to her distinguished standing in the industry. Her extensive experience, innovative contributions, and commitment to advancing the art of nail design have garnered international recognition, positioning her as a key influencer in the global nail art scene.

Ms Rachel's role as a judge at the Asia Nails Festival 2016 was not just a personal achievement but a reflection of the collective success of N.A.I.L.S and the vibrant nail art community it represents. As the industry continues to evolve, Tang's leadership and N.A.I.L.S's global footprint promise to leave an enduring impact on the world of nail art.

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