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SUBMISSION: ONSITE (BOXED) ▪ 现场提交(盒装) ▪ フィールド提出(箱入り)


Competition Category ▪ 比赛类别 ▪ 競技部門:

EYELASH (INDIVIDUAL) ▪ 睫毛(个人) ▪ まつげ(個別)​​​​​​​


Competition Type ▪ 比赛项目 ▪ 競技カテゴリー:


Best Eyebrow Embroidery

  • PRISM Challenge Award: S.OB/PCA/EB
  • ASEAN Master Pro Award: S.OB/AMP/EB
  • International Master Pro Award: S.OB/IMP/EB
  • Best of Best Award: S.OB/BOB/EB


Best Eyebrow & Eyeliner Embroidery

  • PRISM Challenge Award: S.OB/PCA/EBEL
  • ASEAN Master Pro Award: S.OB/AMP/EBEL
  • International Master Pro Award: S.OB/IMP/EBEL
  • Best of Best Award: S.OB/BOB/EBEL


Best Lip Embroidery

  • PRISM Challenge Award: S.OB/PCA/LIP
  • ASEAN Master Pro Award: S.OB/AMP/LIP
  • International Master Pro Award: S.OB/IMP/LIP
  • Best of Best Award: S.OB/BOB/LIP

Submission Onsite (Boxed): SPMU ▪ 现场提交(盒装):半永久化妆 ▪ フィールド提出(箱入り):セミアート

    • All participants would receive a Certificate of Participation.
    • Winners will receive awards on
    • Full General Rules & Competition Rules are displayed on the Registration Page:
    • There are no overlaps in the competition timings within each Award’s Competition Category.
    • 10 minutes turnaround time is allocated between each Competition Types.
    • Adjustments might be made to each Competition Types depending on seat availability.
    • N.A.I.L.S. reserves the right to disqualify any registration or modify the competition type if the contestant fails to meet the specified criteria.


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