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SUBMISSION: ONSITE (BOXED) ▪ 现场提交(盒装) ▪ フィールド提出(箱入り)


Competition Category ▪ 比赛类别 ▪ 競技部門:

HAIRSTYLING (INDIVIDUAL) ▪ 发型设计(个人) ▪ ヘアスタイリング(個人)​​​​​​


Competition Type ▪ 比赛项目 ▪ 競技カテゴリー:

Please choose Code Number for Competition Type.

请选择比赛类型的代码 ▪ 競技タイプのコード番号を選択してください


Best Hairstyle (Free Theme)

  • PRISM Challenge Award: H.OB/PCA/FT
  • ASEAN Master Pro Award: H.OB/AMP/FT
  • International Master Pro Award: H.OB/IMP/FT
  • Best of Best Award: H.OB/BOB/FT


Best Bridal Hairstyling

  • PRISM Challenge Award: H.OB/PCA/BRD
  • ASEAN Master Pro Award: H.OB/AMP/BRD
  • International Master Pro Award: H.OB/IMP/BRD
  • Best of Best Award: H.OB/BOB/BRD


Best Glam Hairstyling

  • PRISM Challenge Award: H.OB/PCA/GLA
  • ASEAN Master Pro Award: H.OB/AMP/GLA
  • International Master Pro Award: H.OB/IMP/GLA
  • Best of Best Award: H.OB/BOB/GLA

Submission Onsite (Boxed): HAIRSTYLING ▪ 现场提交(盒装): 发型设计 ▪ フィールド提出(箱入り):ヘアスタイリン

    • Full General Rules & Competition Rules are displayed on the Registration Page.

    • 完整的“比赛总规则和比赛各项规则” 将显示在注册页面上。

    • 「コンペティションの一般規則およびコンペティションの規則」は、登録ページに表示されます。

    • Competition Types with less than 3 participants would be cancelled; participants affected would be recommended to participate in other Competition Types, or competition fees refunded.
    • Any contestant that is reported to be in the incorrect Division due to fraud would be disqualified. Registration fees are non-refundable.
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