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Top best 2 results would be taken into consideration for the Grand Champion award [1 x Onsite, 1 x Onsite Submission (Boxed)]

※PRISM CHALLENGE AWARD & BEST OF BEST PRO group is not eligible for
Grand Champion Award or Total Look competition.


2 个得到最佳成绩的项目将被用于总冠军大奖赛的评分(1 x现场比赛,1 x提交比赛:  现场提交(盒装)项目)
※七彩棱镜挑战奖本组无优胜排序, 也无法参与总冠军奖的报名资格。


2 つのプロジェクトは、グランプリの採点に使用されます ( 1 ×ライブマッチ、 1 xサブミッションコンテスト:ライブサブミッション(箱入りチップ)

※カラフルプリズムチャレンジ賞 このグループは、入賞者のランキングはなく、グランドチャンピオン賞へのエントリー資格にも参加できません。

Onsite Competition: GRAND CHAMPION ▪ 现场比赛: 总冠军 ▪ オフライン:チャンピオン

    • All participants would receive a Certificate of Participation.
    • Winners will receive awards on
    • Full General Rules & Competition Rules are displayed on the Registration Page:
    • There are no overlaps in the competition timings within each Award’s Competition Category.
    • 10 minutes turnaround time is allocated between each Competition Types.
    • Adjustments might be made to each Competition Types depending on seat availability.
    • N.A.I.L.S. reserves the right to disqualify any registration or modify the competition type if the contestant fails to meet the specified criteria.
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